Swing Hair Salon

280 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10009


Hair Salon

Sustainability Level: Silver



Hours of Operation:

Tuesday-Sunday 11am to 7pm


Joined EcoBizNYC: 3/13/2009











Sustainability-In-Action: Swing Salon is an eco-chic boutique that is Green America approved, a winner of the Greenopia Distinguished Business Award, and is a ConEdison Green Power Pioneer. Swing selects its product lines based on their health effects, performance, price, and environmental and social sustainability. Swing highlighting and color formulas are plant based and ammonia-free. Swing also encourages its clients to wash their hair less frequently, to keep hair products out of our water systems. Swing also works to reduce indoor air pollution through minimization of VOC’s in the furniture and wall paints, and uses a carbon-filtered air purification system. Swing uses 100% wind energy from ConEdison Solutions. Swing selects its computers in consultation with GreenPeace’s Electronic Report Card. Swing serves its clients tap water in compostable cups. Swing also composts all hair clippings.


Sustainability Goals: Swing Salon plans to install a toilet flapper, shut off all power strips at night, caulk around windows to prevent heat/cool loss, install additional CFL bulbs, identify and use an effective eco-friendly laundry detergent and attend the EcoBizNYC workshops.