Dusty Buttons

441 East 9th Street, New York, NY 10009



Sustainability Level: Platinum




Hours of Operation:

Sunday-Saturday 12pm to 8pm


Joined EcoBizNYC: 2/2/2011













Sustainability-In-Action: Dusty Buttons is primarily a vintage clothing store but also carries many other vintage dishware, knickknacks and odds and ends as well as some carefully selected eco-friendly new inventory. The owners of Dusty Buttons care about sustainability very deeply and have switched to a green energy supplier. Since joining EcoBizNYC, they have plugged all their electronics into power strips that are turned off at night, covered their A/C unit, installed a water displacer on the toilet tank, and started using 100% green cleaners. Because of EcoBizNYC, Dusty Buttons has also offset their yearly car emissions by donating to liveneutral.com, and bought a plant for the store to improve air quality. They are encouraging customers to not take a bag by putting a button in a jar for each bag saved and every month they will donate a dollar per button to a different local charity.


Sustainability Goals: They plan to switch all their eligible lightbulbs to CFLs and are looking into getting reusuable cotton bags for the store.