Sunday August 20th 4:00 – 8:00 PM
Pier 42, East River Greenway (Directions)

How much diversity can we discover in 4 HOURS? Come discover all the organisms that inhabit the Pier 42 with the Lower East Side Ecology Center. We will be looking for all the mammals (yes! RATS and mice, bats, {maybe even a wayward seal or whale!}); all the insects (yes! Spiders, flies, ants and cockroaches); all the fish (yes! Crabs, sea robins, shad, (no sharks); plants (yes! Phragmites, hallucinatory mugwort, golden rod and sedges) all the birds (yes! Crows, seagulls, cormorants, hawks); but also much more.

Alongside the data we collect about all the organisms living on the Pier we will also discover all the wild dance moves in our neighborhood with choreographer Jennifer Monson! What dance moves do you know that come from your cultural heritage or that you have made up on your own? Share a movement or make one on the spot alongside discoveries of living creatures on the waterfront. From a lichen, cormorant, or goldenrod to the tango, a tour jete, the hustle, and poppin’. Join us to celebrate the cultural and biological diversity of the Lower East Side!

4-6pm Dive into the East River and learn to fish as part of the Bio Blitz

Take a look at our flyer for more information!