NYC Compost Project

Hosted by the Lower East Side Ecology Center

The Lower East Side Ecology Center hosts the Manhattan branch of the NYC Compost Project, a city-wide compost education and outreach program funded by the NYC Department of Sanitation’s Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability. In collaboration with the NYC Compost Project, we host workshops exploring home composting and more advanced composting skills.

For more information about our resources and workshops, either visit the DSNY Compost website,  or contact the NYC Compost Project hosted at the Lower East Side Ecology Center at 212.477.3155, or


wormOutreach and Education

We educate New Yorkers of all ages about composting through workshops, site tours, and classes, information tables, and speaking opportunities. This includes the Master Composter Certificate program, which trains a core group of ambassadors every year to develop, maintain, and revitalize community composting projects.

Food waste drop-off and local composting

We host neighborhood food waste drop-off sites and compost this waste locally at sites managed by our staff. Drop-off sites are located at greenmarkets, subway stations, public libraries, and other convenient locations. Click HERE to view the locations.

Technical assistance

NYC is home to hundreds of community compost sites. We provide technical guidance to these sites by helping construct compost systems, manage volunteers, prevent and resolve neighborhood conflicts, source materials, and more. We also sell low-cost composting equipment.