The Three Jewels

61 Fourth Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York, NY, 10003

Yoga and Community Center

Sustainability Level: Gold


Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday 8am to 7:30pm, Sunday 10:30am to 7pm


Joined EcoBizNYC: 7/19/11


Sustainability-In-Action: The Three Jewels yoga studio and community center conserves energy by sealing their drafty windows in the winter and by not continuously running their AC in the summer. They turn off all unnecessary lighting and regularly clean appliances to increase efficiency to reduce their consumption of electricity. The Three Jewels has eliminated bottled water usage on the premises and provides a water dispenser for patrons and employees. They have clearly labeled recycling bins for customers and sell used and new books in their bookstore. The Three Jewels also uses old rags to clean instead of paper towels.


Sustainability Goals: The Three Jewels plans to start using eco-friendly cleaning supplies and paper towels with recycled content. They also plan to recycle ink cartridges and use recycled-contect printing paper. In addition to the cut plants in their studio, the Three Jewels plan to bring in potted plants that will improve air quality.